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Drug impurities separation

Separation and purification of Drug Impurities Share

High pressure DAC was used to prepare the chromatogram to separate and purify the trace impurity monomer, so as to ensure the high-efficiency column with large injection volume and realize the preparation and separation of low content impurities. The company has a variety of fillers and DAC preparation columns of different specifications (10 mm ID, 20 mm ID, 50 mm ID, 200 mm ID), which provide different separation selectivity and achieve the enrichment and purification of drug impurities.

Successful cases: preparation and separation of trace impurities in vitamin E, gatifloxacin, ofloxacin, erythromycin oxime, penicillin G sodium, losartan, pregnenolone acetate and other projects

Before offer, you need to advise us these docs as follows,

1. Liquid chromatogram of the drug

2. Liquid method corresponding to the chromatogram

3. Mark the target impurity peak in the chromatogram

4. Solubility of the sample

5. Stability of the sample

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